Looks like I disappeared again! Little man and summer activities have been keeping me busy, and I completely forgot about updating.

To start, I never posted the NFR portion on my July order, so here it is.


I was super excited to get the labels, now I can finally tell my bottles apart from the top, which saves time. I have used a few of the 2 mL bottles to give samples to a friend who is having some emotional issues. She loved the Stress Away, and her boss also loved it and bought some for herself! But I digress. I used the eucalyptus and the rosemary right away in an aromatherapy inhaler.

Now that we are caught up on last month, time for my August order! Between my own products and the oils for my friend’s boss, I qualified for promos for the first time. So excited!


I have been wanting the Thieves cleaner for a while, so this was great! And here is what I ordered:


I was so upset to find out that my peppermint from my starter kit had completely leaked in the bottom of my storage container, so of course I had to replace it. I love my peppermint. Ylang ylang is rumored to incite romantic feelings, and geranium is nourishing to the skin, so I wanted to try both of those. I also ordered ginger as it is calming to the digestive system, but it is coming from the US.

I’m so excited to try all these new products!


Second Essential Rewards Order

I haven’t posted in a while, life has been busy, and I have been trying to learn as much as I could before I went forward with my oily journey. I have had a huge eye opener after following an essential oil safety group on facebook and taking some online courses. It has made me much more aware of how I am using my oils, including ensuring safe dilutions and no longer using them on little man or the dog. The upside is that nearly everything that I made in my initial excitement is, in fact, a safe dilution.

I received (part of) my second essential rewards order today. This month I placed two ER orders as I wanted things available both OTG (Canadian) and NFR (US). The NFR portion of my order hasn’t hit the border yet, so I’m not sure when it will be here. I will update when it gets here as well.

This is my first time receiving products that I hand selected, and seeing how YL packages them for shipping. I had watched other people’s unboxing videos on YouTube, so I knew to expect the cardboard tube with my oils in it. The box is much smaller than the first one as I didn’t order very much.

20150707_152927 20150707_153048

I had originally planned to try and meet the 100PV for the first three months to get the free diffuser… well that didn’t happen. Due to the fact that I also wanted some NFR products, I only met the 50PV required to keep my ER membership. In fact, I had to throw in a Thieves hand sanitizer just to make it to 50pv.


Lavender was the first thing that I ran out of, so I definitely had to replace that. If I diffuse it for a little bit before bedtime it seems to help little man fall asleep. Cedarwood is supposed to be beneficial for healthy hair, so I will be adding it to my conditioner. Lemongrass is in a couple recipes from my online courses, and I also like the smell.

Can’t wait for the rest to get here! I will update again soon.

Checking Off My List

There are only a few items left on my “to make” list, I can hardly believe it. I only made a couple things today; partially because I started running out of supplies, and partially because teething baby was extra grumpy.

I made Thieves wipes; which is maybe starting to be a little bit of Thieves overload, but they just seem so convenient. The recipes all seem to call for the Thieves cleaner, which I don’t have yet (on my list for next month), so I had to improvise. I used 2 cups each of vinegar and water (due to the size of my container/number of cloths), and 10-20 drops of Thieves. I think I have about 15 cloths in there which I can use, wash, and then turn back into wipes.


I finally got some vegetable glycerin, so I was able to make the dish soap and shower gel that I have been waiting to make. This is the dish soap recipe that I used. I will admit, even though it is wonderful and simple, I screwed it up by not putting things in the right order. You can see in my picture some weird lumps in the bottom because I added the castile soap before the water. I plan on re-making it as soon as I pick up some more castile soap, but it’s still usable (I think) for now.


I was so happy to find these mason jar dispensers! I found them at Giant Tiger for a whole $2. I know that you can make them yourself, but for that price, why bother!

The shower gel recipe (which I didn’t screw up) can be found here. Instead of using ylang ylang and Idaho blue spruce I used Peace & Calming. I can always use a little more peace and calming in my day.


I also made some toilet bombs, but they are still hardening, so I will get a picture once they are done.

I can’t believe that I haven’t really talked about my diffuser, which I’m totally in love with. In the mornings I have been picking whatever combination of oils appeals at the time, and in the evenings I have been diffusing lavender or Peace & Calming to help everyone wind down. Two minutes in his swing with lavender diffusing and grumpy baby was out like a light.

I am really loving these oils and I have just barely scratched the surface of what I can do with them. All of this DIY is just the beginning.