Looks like I disappeared again! Little man and summer activities have been keeping me busy, and I completely forgot about updating.

To start, I never posted the NFR portion on my July order, so here it is.


I was super excited to get the labels, now I can finally tell my bottles apart from the top, which saves time. I have used a few of the 2 mL bottles to give samples to a friend who is having some emotional issues. She loved the Stress Away, and her boss also loved it and bought some for herself! But I digress. I used the eucalyptus and the rosemary right away in an aromatherapy inhaler.

Now that we are caught up on last month, time for my August order! Between my own products and the oils for my friend’s boss, I qualified for promos for the first time. So excited!


I have been wanting the Thieves cleaner for a while, so this was great! And here is what I ordered:


I was so upset to find out that my peppermint from my starter kit had completely leaked in the bottom of my storage container, so of course I had to replace it. I love my peppermint. Ylang ylang is rumored to incite romantic feelings, and geranium is nourishing to the skin, so I wanted to try both of those. I also ordered ginger as it is calming to the digestive system, but it is coming from the US.

I’m so excited to try all these new products!