Second Essential Rewards Order

I haven’t posted in a while, life has been busy, and I have been trying to learn as much as I could before I went forward with my oily journey. I have had a huge eye opener after following an essential oil safety group on facebook and taking some online courses. It has made me much more aware of how I am using my oils, including ensuring safe dilutions and no longer using them on little man or the dog. The upside is that nearly everything that I made in my initial excitement is, in fact, a safe dilution.

I received (part of) my second essential rewards order today. This month I placed two ER orders as I wanted things available both OTG (Canadian) and NFR (US). The NFR portion of my order hasn’t hit the border yet, so I’m not sure when it will be here. I will update when it gets here as well.

This is my first time receiving products that I hand selected, and seeing how YL packages them for shipping. I had watched other people’s unboxing videos on YouTube, so I knew to expect the cardboard tube with my oils in it. The box is much smaller than the first one as I didn’t order very much.

20150707_152927 20150707_153048

I had originally planned to try and meet the 100PV for the first three months to get the free diffuser… well that didn’t happen. Due to the fact that I also wanted some NFR products, I only met the 50PV required to keep my ER membership. In fact, I had to throw in a Thieves hand sanitizer just to make it to 50pv.


Lavender was the first thing that I ran out of, so I definitely had to replace that. If I diffuse it for a little bit before bedtime it seems to help little man fall asleep. Cedarwood is supposed to be beneficial for healthy hair, so I will be adding it to my conditioner. Lemongrass is in a couple recipes from my online courses, and I also like the smell.

Can’t wait for the rest to get here! I will update again soon.