Checking Off My List

There are only a few items left on my “to make” list, I can hardly believe it. I only made a couple things today; partially because I started running out of supplies, and partially because teething baby was extra grumpy.

I made Thieves wipes; which is maybe starting to be a little bit of Thieves overload, but they just seem so convenient. The recipes all seem to call for the Thieves cleaner, which I don’t have yet (on my list for next month), so I had to improvise. I used 2 cups each of vinegar and water (due to the size of my container/number of cloths), and 10-20 drops of Thieves. I think I have about 15 cloths in there which I can use, wash, and then turn back into wipes.


I finally got some vegetable glycerin, so I was able to make the dish soap and shower gel that I have been waiting to make. This is the dish soap recipe that I used. I will admit, even though it is wonderful and simple, I screwed it up by not putting things in the right order. You can see in my picture some weird lumps in the bottom because I added the castile soap before the water. I plan on re-making it as soon as I pick up some more castile soap, but it’s still usable (I think) for now.


I was so happy to find these mason jar dispensers! I found them at Giant Tiger for a whole $2. I know that you can make them yourself, but for that price, why bother!

The shower gel recipe (which I didn’t screw up) can be found here. Instead of using ylang ylang and Idaho blue spruce I used Peace & Calming. I can always use a little more peace and calming in my day.


I also made some toilet bombs, but they are still hardening, so I will get a picture once they are done.

I can’t believe that I haven’t really talked about my diffuser, which I’m totally in love with. In the mornings I have been picking whatever combination of oils appeals at the time, and in the evenings I have been diffusing lavender or Peace & Calming to help everyone wind down. Two minutes in his swing with lavender diffusing and grumpy baby was out like a light.

I am really loving these oils and I have just barely scratched the surface of what I can do with them. All of this DIY is just the beginning.


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