I decided to start this blog to document my essential oil journey. A wonderful friend of mine sparked my interest in essential oils when she began sharing her own journey with Young Living Essential Oils. I considered the pros and cons of buying a starter kit for about a week; it was mainly a balance of cost vs potential for good. I knew that I wanted to use more natural products in our home, especially now that I also had a little one to think about, but dang did that seem like a lot of money. In full disclosure, I also looked at other brands of oils (I even bought a couple singles), but after reading a ton of reviews of YL products, I finally decided – what the heck, I’m going to take the plunge. I ordered myself the premium starter kit, which contains ten oils (plus a bonus oil) that are popular – thus being dubbed “Everyday Oils”, as well as a diffuser and some other goodies (shown below).


While waiting for my package to arrive, I have been on Pinterest and other websites, looking for products that I want to make as soon as my kit arrives. The list is huge. With so many chemical laden products in my home, even those that were labelled as “natural”, where is a mama to begin? It’s going to be a full-on assault, and I will be keeping this blog updated along the way.

Now come on Mr FedEx man…. bring me my package.


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